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Irene Pansadoro for Aleph Hotel Roma


"Inspired by Nature    Nurtured by History    Challenged by Ambition    Driven by Perfection"

At Irene Pansadoro Design we are committed to delivering consistent excellence in design and quality of service whether we work on new build, conversion or renovation projects.

Irene's design is not preconceived. “It is inspired by the inner nature of each space and by the use it will be serving. Soul and function — moulded with an outstanding passion for materials and textures — are cornerstones of my design approach, coupled with a shared view of the client's highest expectations”.


Our twenty + years of experience in residential and hotel design, for brands such as Starwood/Marriott and Hilton, have enabled us to create a team of highly experienced professionals, each one with their own area of expertise, necessary to supply the client with the best knowledge needed to create internationally recognized hotels designed to please guests of varying tastes.
Regardless of budget, our first step is to build an understanding with the client and interpret their vision in order to make every scheme unique and distinctive.


At Irene Pansadoro Design we believe that every project has a unique identity, which derives from the strong connection to each specific individual situation. Our design is constantly committed to create a distinctive tailored result, delivered with a consistent quality of service within budget and timeframe.

Our tailor-made service combines style, eclecticism, comfort and sensitivity to the clients’ needs with a very discerning look at the essential issues throughout each single design service, including also art procurement, suggestions for landscaping, all the way to corporate design.

A fundamental trait of the firm is the extended international knowledge of specialized artisans and suppliers beginning naturally from the famous Italian ones. Bespoke design elements (furniture, fabrics, lighting, carpets) are designed especially for each and every project in order to create unique environments that reflect the client’s Design Standards, while balancing cost and quality (and never forgetting all operational issues).

Each project is carefully managed by a design team that works closely with all other client’s consultants on every aspect of the project in order to achieve the best results. 


Meticulous attention to detail, quality, budget and schedule together with a continuous research for innovative materials and design and a high appreciation of historical and vernacular architecture, have become the trademark of Irene Pansadoro Design.

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